Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Championship Winner

Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Championship Winner

As many of you know over the Summer Holidays Mad for Miniatures ran the first Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Championship Series. The Series spanned 3 months, with 3 qualifying events followed by a final (top 8 players of each qualifier) at the End of August involving the 24 qualified players. The competition over the 3 month period was fierce with many players falling at the last hurdle and not making the cut. The day of the final came and all 24 players competed over 5 rounds of swiss, followed by a top 8 knock-out to see who was the ultimate duelist, and take the title as Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Champion.

There was an array of different decks being used from the amazing Infernity deck (that helped 4 players qualify in the last qualifier), to the frustrating Frog FTK deck (that can win before your opponent even gets a turn). There were also a number of anti-meta decks and home brews, such as Adam Stocks Gravekeeper’s deck.

Its not only the decks duelists had to worry about as competing in the final were some truly awesome opponents including: Kali McMorran who recently won the Title of Dragon Duel Under 13s European 2010 Champion, Ryan Pang who reached Top 8 of UK Nationals this year, and Nathan Pang 2009 UK National Champion, and top 32 European finisher 2010. Many of the other 24 players are regular top 8ers at MFM and are no-mean-feat to play against, so everyone had to be on top of their game to win this tournament.

The rounds swung by quickly with some fierce match ups. After the swiss rounds everyone waited in anticipation to see if they have made the top 8 cut. X-sabers seemed to be a big hit with a number of them making it, surprisingly no FTK Frogs made it to the top spot. However Gary Allen makes it 5-0 with his variant of a Stun deck.
Gary Allen MFM's Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Champion
Top 8 – Yu-Gi-Oh! South West Champion Final
Ryan Pang – X-Sabers
Steve Helson – Froggie Monarchs
Ryan Henderson – Froggie Monarchs
Gary Allen – STUN
Zak Thomas Horton – Infernity
Jack Wightman – X-Sabers
Michael Clarricoats – X-Sabers
Nathan Pang – X-Sabers

After the top 8 we are left with MFMs South West Champion Gary Allen, playing his own build of a Stun deck

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