The Ultimate Box !

The Ultimate Box !

Luke outside the shopI’ve always told customers at Mad for Miniatures that buying boxes of boosters is the best and cheapest way of collecting the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. So when Luke Remnant, 21, from Trevillean started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at the shop, and suggested that he was thinking of buying some Booster Boxes of Crossroads of Chaos I was delighted to see that he was spending his money wisely. The 1st box he brought a week ago contained an array of great Foils including Ultimate Plague Spreader Zombie amongst other great and playable cards. In fact Luke was so pleased with his box he decided to purchase another, looking for the final cards to finish of his …….

Plant deck he has been play testing in the shop. He started off by opening the box,  unbeknown to him what lay in wait as he opened the 1st booster. From the other side of the shop i heard a little “woop”, from Luke.  I hoped across the shop to see what he had pulled,  he flashed the open booster at me and revealed from it 5 Rare cards and 4 Common Cards. I commented that Michael Barby had done something similar the week before pulling a few packs with multiple rare cards.

Luke was chuffed and continued to open his box, with every pack he opened he revealed 4 or 5 more Rare cards, depending on whether a Foil card appeared in the booster. After opening the whole box we counted up the Rares to see that Luke had pulled:

* 115 Rare Cards
* 90 Common Cards
* 10 Foil Cards

To be honest i was a bit concerned when he started opening the box as to whether Luke would get a good number of Foil Cards, or if there would even be the right rarity count of them in the box. My concerns were answered fairly swiftly as he pulled not only a large number of foils from his box, but there was a good mix of rarities.

As well as being the proud owner of a stupid amount of rare cards from Crossroads of Chaos set Luke also pulled:
Lukes Box
* Parallel Plague Spreader Zombie
* Secret Rare Overdrive Teleporter
* Super Rare Botanical Lion
* Super Rare Red Ogre
* Parallel Tytannial of Cammellios
* Super Rare Nights End Sorcerer
* Super Rare Rose Warrior of Revenge
* Super Rare Goku the Pyre of Malice

In the 8 or so years I’ve been selling TCGs that has to be the best box I’ve seen pulled, ever! So well done Luke and enjoy your Yu-Gi-Oh!

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