Magic The Gathering reignites at MFM

Magic The Gathering reignites at MFM

As some of you may know over the last few weeks some people on the forum (no names mentioned) have been discussing about getting into MTG either again or for the 1st time. I along with some other people in the shop have been playing some MTG this week and have been introducing a few more people into the game who have found it good fun!

I have therefore been in contact with my Wholesaler who put me in touch with the MTG Organised Play team (the guys that sort out tournaments) and found out some very interesting things.

Firstly they have sent me a pack of preconstructed magic decks containing 30 cards in each deck! You can choose from 1 of the 5 magic colours to play either White, Red, Green, Blue or Black. Although this deck probably isn’t gonna win you any tournaments it will introduce you to the game of MTG in a fun and easy to learn way – and of course is completely free.

To receive one of these FREE 30 card decks all you have to do is come to the shop, choose your colour, and have 1 demo game of MTG – That’s it – then the decks yours to keep!

After that if you want to start playing MTG we will get you sorted out with a DCI membership number (again FREE) get you registered and then you can start playing in MTG tournaments at MFM

To start with MFM will be running a new version of tournament called “Casual MTG Tournaments” these tournaments don’t have many restrictions and are as they sound very casual – ideal in fact for new players. These events only require 4 players, TOs can play (like me), and no cards are banned or Restricted from play

So why not come into MFM as soon as possible to get your free deck while stocks last (don’t worry if we run out we can get more)

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